Application for an extract from the license

How do we implement the request for an extract?

Deliver the documents on this list to our office in the form of notarized copies certified for compliance, the cost is about PLN 8 per 1 document. You can arrange the matter with any Notary Public. Also, remember to provide the original lending agreement which you should print and fill out!

Address for sending documents by mail: ul. Traugutta 25 lok 917, 90-223 Łódź

You can also deliver the documents in person to our stationary offices:

Within a few days, applications will be prepared and sent to the city office for the issuance of a license extract. The official time is 30 days from the date of receipt of the application. We also attach to the office an authorization to pick up the license extract yourself, or we will pick it up for you and hand it over at the stationary office.

Addresses of offices where you can pick up your finished extract


Department of Transportation and Regulated Activities,

al. Powstania Warszawskiego 10, Cracow 31-541

Administrative Center, 1st floor box 80,

tel. 12-616-9160, 12-616-9065, 12-616-9159, fax 12-616-9162.


Department of Licensing and Road Transport of the Office of Administration and Civil Affairs of the City of Warsaw. Warsaw
00-412 Warsaw ul. Leona Kruczkowskiego 2


Department of Economic Activity and Agriculture

Road Transport License and Inspection Branch

61-441 Poznan, 28 Czerwca 1956r Street. No. 404


ul. Bernard Milski 1
80-809 Gdansk
post 15, 16
tel. 58 323 71 95, 96, 97, 98


Department of Civil Affairs
An independent position in the field of business. licenses and permits for road transport
Address: al. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 52/54, 81-382 Gdynia
Room number: 220


Communications Department of the City Hall of Sopot
Tadeusza Kościuszki 25/27 81-704 Sopot


Department of Administrative Decisions and Control of Entrepreneurs
ul. Gabriela Zapolska 4
1st floor, room. 105


Katowice City Hall, ul. French 70, Department of Traffic Rights.


Employment Promotion and Business Services Office
The Division for the Environment. National Road Transport
93-590 Łódź, al. 32 Polytechnics


Szczecin City Hall
Customer Service Office
pl. Armii Krajowej 1, 70-456 Szczecin


Department of Traffic Permits,
ul. Grudziądzka 9-15,
Building A – Traffic Supervision Desk


Department of Communications
ul. Czechowska 19A, room number 51
20-072 Lublin


Częstochowa City Hall
ul. George Washington 5, room 123


Kielce City Hall, 25-303 Kielce, Rynek 1


ul. New 4, Communications Department of the City Hall of Tarnow

Gorzów Wielkopolski

The Department of Communications at ul. Mysliborska 34

Zielona Góra

Zielona Gora City Hall, ul. Podgórna 22, 65-424 Zielona Góra, 3rd floor, room 313


Municipal Office in Bialystok
Department of Resident Services
Department of Entrepreneurial Services
Branickiego 3/5, 3rd floor – room. 319
15-085 Bialystok

Have you received a discharge?

Send it to us via this form:, if you need help activating any of the TAXI applications, please indicate it in the form above.