Certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine

The easiest way for drivers to obtain a certificate is via the Internet, on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior. To log in to it, You’ll need an electronic signature, which can be obtained in eight ways – but we will not present them here. We chose only two, but the most convenient.

Method 1: PrivatBank (Smart ID)
If the driver is a client of PrivatBank, he only needs to log in to his account and enable the appropriate option in the settings. This is by far the simplest solution.

Method 2: Diya ID
Citizens of Ukraine who have ID cards and / or biometric passports can access the Diya mobile application. It also enables electronic identification.

Alternatively, you can get a certificate on paper

Of the three Ukrainian consular offices (and the Warsaw embassy), it seems that only the office in Krakow issues paper certificates of no criminal record/good conduct. To obtain them, the driver must present: