Cost reimbursement

How much refund will I get on the invoice sent? An example of a VAT invoice is shown below. Please note that the invoice for PLN 100 gross does not contain PLN 23 VAT, but only ~ PLN 18.

We distinguish several types of cost invoices:

  1. Invoice for the operation of the car
    1. You will receive a VAT refund in the amount of 50% of the VAT amount shown on the invoice – i.e. a refund of PLN 9.36 of VAT can be recovered from the sample invoice.
    2. We deduct income tax by sending the so-called cost reimbursement. In this case, it will be 75% of the net amount (81.45) + 50% VAT (9.36) = PLN 68.11. Why only 75%? In January 2019 tax regulations have changed, and only 75% of income tax can be deducted for a passenger car without “mileage” driving (legal basis.)
    3. Total, the settlement will include amounts of PLN 68.11 + 9.36 = PLN 77.47 as reimbursement.
  2. Other invoices – i.e. electronics, chargers, cables, etc.
    1. You will receive a full VAT refund, i.e. on the example of this invoice (if it was, for example, for a car charger) PLN 18.73
    2. The deducted costs in the amount of PLN 81.45
    3. In total, you would receive PLN 100.18 for your reimbursement.