Student and VAT

Are you under 26 and / or a student status, yet tax has been deducted from your paycheck?

All kinds of exemptions for young people and students relate to income tax (PIT), and not tax on goods and services, i.e. VAT (PTU). It is a tax imposed on companies and depends only on the company’s turnover and the only exemptions that may be under the VAT Act are:

  • Low turnover of the company
  • Excluded goods / services

Where can you find VAT?

Everywhere, as long as the seller is not exempt from being a VAT payer, you will find information on the amount of VAT on each receipt, invoice, ticket, motorway fee, etc. Sometimes there is an alternative name – PTU which is (podatek od towarów i usług – tax on goods and services) This also applies to working in applications. Each time we issue invoices:

  • In the case of UBER / BOLT / FREENOW – for clients
  • In case of Glovo/Wolt/EATS/STUART/Deligoo/XpressDelivery – the recipients of the invoice are the given companies.

VAT is charged on the invoice, which we have to pay by the 25th day of the following month to the account of the tax office.

In case of Uber/Bolt/FreeNow/Wolt/XpressDelivery/Deligoo – the tax is deducted from the amount earned directly for the course – because the amounts provided in the applications are gross.

When it comes to Glovo, Stuart or BoltFood, VAT is added to the amount for your journeys, therefore it does not affect the amount of your bill.