What contracts do I have to sign?

What contracts you should sign depends mainly on your current employment status, age and possibly student status. The taxes to be paid on the mandate contract are as follows:

EmploymentAge < 26 years oldAge equal to / greater than 26 years
Student Taxes are 0 PLN. Exception: 26 years and income taxn / a
A person employed for an amount greater than the national minimum Health premium, approx. 9% on app revenueHealth + tax, approx. 15% on the gross amount
A person not studying / not working Full healt insurance (ZUS), approx. 33% on app revenueFull healt insurance (ZUS) and tax, approx. 38% on the gross amount

How does this relate to working with us?

  • If you have only signed a mandate contract, we count the amounts in the table from the total revenue!
  • If we have two contracts – then from the contract of mandate we declare the amount of PLN 277, and from it we calculate the percentages from the table. The rest of the amount is paid as rental and you have to pay 8.5% flat tax on it!

So what contracts should you choose?

  1. I am a student under the age of 26 – mandate contract only.
  2. I have a different job and under 26 – only a mandate contract
  3. I have other employment and over 26 years of age – mandate contract + rental contract
  4. I do not work and study – regardless of age, mandate contract + rental contract
  5. I have my own business – a cooperation agreement (B2B).