What fees do I incur using courier apps?

Do you want to work in courier application ?

To begin with, we encourage you to read What kind of contracts to sign? to lighten you up on the topic of taxes and their amount. Especially for students – there is an opportunity to eliminate income tax altogether!

Contract of mandate and rental agreement

  • VAT 23%
  • Fee of 30 per application
  • Social Security/PIT Contributions:
    • ~£40 for a person with other full-time employment
    • ~£100 for other people
  • 8.5% flat tax for car rentals

Contract of mandate (no rental agreement)

  • VAT 23%
  • Fee of 30 per application
  • ZUS/PIT at the rates in force in Poland

B2B contract

  • A commission of 30 per application
  • VAT:
    • If you are not a VAT payer (relative to the amount in the application): VAT: 23%
    • If you are a VAT payer – we add 23% VAT to your transfer