Cash balance in Glovo

Did you get a text message or email about depositing cash into Glovo? Not sure what it’s all about? Are you concerned if this is true?

What is the cash balance in Glovo?

As you work, you receive cash that customers pay for their purchases. It can be used in 2 ways:

  • You can use it to pay for your next purchases
  • You may receive some of this cash as an advance

Glovo always ensures that you don’t have to pay for your purchases with your money, which is why it will always make advance payments when you make a payment Leaves you with a minimum of approx. 70 zł. On the other hand, this is still money that should go to Glovo, so if you’ve finished the job, this money has been wrongfully left in your wallet! There may also be a larger amount left if you have not accounted for it at the end of the cooperation.

How to settle the balance?

Can I pay them off in another way?

Yes, by working in the application. However, if you have a blocked account, the only thing left to do is to deposit via a link.

What if I don’t pay off the balance?

In such a case, Glovo may take appropriate legal action to recover its property.