UBER / BOLT fiscal/cash register

Both Bolt and Uber have obtained virtual cash register approvals from GUM (Central Office of Measures). This means that from 01/01/2021 all journeys made using the UBER / BOLT application are fiscalized in accordance with the new regulations.

What you need to remember:

  • if you have an Elzab K10 cash register or a taximeter – do not use it to print a receipt for the customer on the UBER / BOLT application because it means double tax.
  • From 01/01/2021, every driver will automatically have cash rides enabled, which means more possible courses to be carried out!
  • If you have an Elzab K10 cash register – you can send it back to us to the office, you will not need it anymore
  • If the customer wants a receipt – he will receive it automatically by e-mail, which is in line with the new regulations.
  • If you want to catch courses from the “door handle”, you still need a Taximeter, you cannot use e-cash register for such trips.

What is an e-receipt?

Electronic proof of the completed course, which the client receives without our participation as a proof of the service performed. After each course, the application will create an e-receipt and send it to the client via e-mail, to our e-cash register and to the servers of the Ministry of Finance.