Settlement error

Before you write or call to us in case of wrong settlement, read this article because we can confidently say that there is no 100% error :slight_smile: Each week, we receive at least a dozen or so notifications regarding errors in the payment and virtually every solution is based on explaining how the tax or settlement system works in a given application, rather than on the actual repair of the error.

Common problems

Why the error cannot appear?

To avoid errors caused by wrong calculation or data input – all these activities are carried out by computer. Nobody interferes manually with what we get from intermediary companies and nobody counts it manually. In fact, until we have to explain the settlement, no one looks at it. All data from the application are copied, so they are 100% compatible with what is shown on the list of the given application. This also applies to calculations. You have probably used a calculator many times and you know that after entering the mathematical operation you get the correct result! The computer has no right to make a mistake, if there were any faults, you wouldn’t get billed at all. You can be sure that if you see any amounts in the settlement, they were not created by accident, but the program was specially programmed in such a way as to get the result you see.

Could there be a software error then?

Of course. Each program works exactly as it was made. Ours, created 5 years ago and to this day is constantly developed, we add new functions, but the way taxes are calculated is the same, because they cannot be counted in any other way. Therefore, if you believe that any of the taxes is calculated incorrectly – then you should focus on understanding why this is so, because it is not 100% wrong.

Is there anything that could go wrong then?

Yes, you can see other amounts in the application as with us. We are not responsible, however, for what a given application makes available to you and us. If there are other amounts – it should be reported and clarified with a given company. The receipts have been checked and compared hundreds of times and they always agree with what we received, so the problem is not in the communication of MB Partner and the “Company”, but in the communication between the “Company” and your application.